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I am a teacher, a business person, an artist, a woman in love with her man. My creative expression is always evolving, but the belief and the passion to find that expression is the journey.

As a young girl, I loved to create imaginative drawings and stories, and thankfully never lost that desire to create. Out of college, I started my career as an elementary art teacher – I was passionate about helping students express themselves by channeling their own creativity. In fact, my entire professional life has been guided by helping others find creative ways to solve problems.

In the past few years, I have revisited my artistic passion. It has been an endearing adventure resulting in some cool pieces of art! My artist journey is evolving but my reasons for painting remains constant – to portray something with simplistic beauty while enjoying the process.


I use gouache and or acrylic paints because of their pigment and brilliance.  My paintings are various in subject although I have done a lot of flower/flora pieces as they seem to just “flow” out of me onto the canvas – while bringing me a peaceful soulfulness. My current paintings are acrylic and are more fluid with color and with more of a variety in style.


I am inspired by everyday life and what I see – things that bring happiness or peacefulness to our lives. I live and work in San Jose. I am supportive of all art communities and have shown my work locally. Here is my web-based portfolio of recent works. If you are interested or want further information on any of the pieces, please call or email me. If needed, secure shipping and insurance can be arranged.  Thank you for your support! 

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